No-Office says "Yes" to interesting projects that allow us to develop into better storytellers. We say "No" to bloated productions and hidden costs. Your budget goes to your project, as we have no walls to support. We say yes to modularity, keeping things light and flexible. We believe that behind every great production is a group effort. No-Office promises devotion, talent, and the best work ethic in town. Our Teams in Los Angeles and Helsinki are excited to work with you on your project

Production Service

When it comes to production services we can help your production at any stage, be it pre-production, casting and with on-set services both in Europe and in USA.



When it comes to film and telling stories we are very hands on – instead of seeing problems we see solutions. Our approach to every project is a resounding yes. Whatever it is, we will be able to provide using our network of creatives all around the world.



Post-production and music

Computer generated graphics and 3D animation has always been a passion for us – we have an extensive knowhow and skills in compositing of all kinds.

We have a Grammy-winning producer in our team, and together we can create you original music unparalleled by none. Whether you're an artist or a brand, we got you.